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The Charlie Moore Collection contains over 400 items of original furnishings from the CM Ranch during the years the guest ranch was owned by Charles C. "Charlie" Moore. Moore began the CM Ranch in 1927 and operated it until 1952.

The CM Ranch, located on the Jakey's Fork of the Wind River southeast of Dubois, is one of the oldest guest ranches in Wyoming that has been in continuous operation.

Moore grew up on the Wind River Indian Reservation in the late 1800s. His father, J.K. Moore, Sr. was the Indian trader at Fort Washakie on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Washakie, the last chief of the Eastern Shoshone tribe, was a regular visitor in the Moore household when Charlie was growing up. Some of the items in the Charlie Moore Collection date back to this period in his life.

Moore and his brother J.K. Moore, Jr. were educated at Cheltenham Military Academy in Philadelphia, PA . Charlie then graduated from the University of Michigan School of Law. Charlie's friends from his school days were among his first clients when he established the CM Ranch.

Charlie Moore also served in the Wyoming Legislature from 1931-1939.

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