Addiction Treatment Centers in Maryland

addiction treatment centers in maryland

There are more than three hundred and forty addiction treatment centers in Maryland, and choosing the right one is an important first step. Understanding the treatment process is the key to choosing a good one. Some centers offer extra services, such as private rooms. Other centers are non-profit, and their services are free of charge.

How to Choose Addiction Treatment Centers in Maryland

The opioid epidemic is a major problem in Maryland. The state has one of the highest rates of overdose deaths in the country. Overdose deaths in the state have consistently been higher than the national average since 1999. In fact, in 2016, Maryland’s death rate from opioids topped the national average. More than half of all opioid overdose deaths involved heroin or fentanyl. Despite this, Maryland has been making strides to reduce the number of overdose deaths.

Many addiction treatment centers offer detoxification as the first step. Although not everyone needs this, it is a crucial first step in recovery. Detox programs are medically monitored to help individuals withdraw from addictive substances safely. A medical staff will monitor the withdrawal symptoms and provide medical care, if necessary. Some centers use medications to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings.

A case management team will be assigned to each client. This team will help design a customized treatment plan for the individual. The plan may include medication and behavioral therapies. Many programs also include 12-step programs.

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