Adding Value to Your Home With Garage Carpet Installation

With 5 years of professional carpet laying experience behind us we have been rated as the industry’s longest running garage carpet installation service in Waikato, having an unblemished track record for exceptional quality of work and top-quality customer service. We believe in providing a home owner’s complete customer satisfaction from the initial decision through the installation to the finishing of your garage flooring. We are committed to delivering quality products and installation services to our customers from the very start. Most of our services include both the removal of existing garage flooring, as well as any replacement garage flooring required. With a wide range of products and a high level of knowledge in the industry, we can custom fit your flooring to give it that unique look and feel you were after.


Professional carpet installation companies in Waikato are most likely to use high-grade materials, experienced technicians and the latest technology when working on your new garage floor carpets or upholstery. If you were to attempt the same process yourself, the chances are you would make many costly mistakes, resulting in poor quality carpet and a worse overall job than you started out with. Carpet installation is a complicated job and requires expert knowledge and skill to ensure your money and time is well spent. In addition, there are many unseen factors that can affect the outcome of a carpet install such as traffic patterns, traffic volume, climate etc. Therefore, if you choose to go the self-carpeting route you need to be absolutely sure you are up to the challenge and have the knowledge and skill to carry out the job with complete precision.


Garage flooring and carpet installation are not the only uses for garages. They can be used as work areas for DIY enthusiasts and as a dedicated work space for families. As with all garages however, they require regular maintenance and routine repairs to ensure you are keeping your hard earned dollars spent. A professional garage carpet installation company will do their best to make sure your garage flooring and carpet are in top condition and looking shiny so that you can move right in. There is no better way to start or add to your garage’s interior then with a quality floor covering that will help to add value to your property.

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