Cannabis Delivery Oakland

Cannabis Delivery Oakland

Cannabis Delivery Oakland

The East Bay is a hub of vibrant culture, endless coastline, and weed-friendly laws. But living here can also be a challenge with Carmageddon traffic, high prices on run-of-the-mill weed, and dispensaries that offer a limited selection of products. Find out

With a mission of making quality cannabis accessible to everyone, DUBE delivers in Oakland with free delivery, no hidden fees, a returns policy, and an extensive menu. Featuring flower, shatters, crumbles, edibles, vapes, and accessories from tested and reputable brands, they accept cash payments and credit cards with chip reader.

Navigating the Highs: Your Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Delivery in Oakland

Founded in Berkeley, Lofi offers a premier cannabis delivery experience, customized customer service, and same-day deliveries in Oakland and the East Bay Area. Committed to impacting the community through responsibility, compassion, and education, they offer a cannabis learning center and blog as well.

Offering a large variety of medical and recreational products including cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles, Ohana provides an unmatched cannabis experience with a team that brings 25 years of successful technology, finance, retail, and project management expertise. Their mission is to positively impact the communities they serve, and they support local non-profits with every purchase.

Oakland residents who have a valid medical marijuana card can grow up to six plants at their private residences as long as they are not visible or accessible to the public. They must check with their landlord and neighbors to make sure that the plant is not in a shared space.

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