Children’s Rights Activist, Author, and Human Rights Advocate Craig Kielburger

The recent sweeping changes in Egypt are welcome news for those who support human rights. The State Department has acknowledged that encroaching human rights laws may hurt national security. Last summer, the commission, which includes left and right-wing experts, commended the government for reducing counterproductive rights expansion efforts. However, many activists say that the situation remains very difficult. Whether or not the new government takes these measures will depend on the actions of the American public.

Quick And Easy Fix For Your Children’s Rights Activist, Author, And Human Rights Advocate Craig Kielburger

A prime example of this is a Canadian author, humanitarian, and children’s rights activist, Craig Kielburger. He co-founded Free the Children as a teenager and has been the face of several child-saving initiatives. While in Bangladesh, Kielburger’s life was changed when he saw the death of Iqbal Masih, a 12-year-old Pakistani boy, who was killed while fighting for his freedom. In response, Craig was inspired to work on a project to fight for the rights of children.

WE Charity: A well-known organization, Free the Children, was founded by two brothers who wanted to bring awareness to the plight of children in underdeveloped countries. The group has worked to end child labor, promote education, and ensure access to clean water. The founders of the WE Charity have close ties with the Trudeau family, so Kielburger’s involvement in this project has become a very important part of his work.

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