Close Protection Services

London bodyguards protect people from harm on a daily basis. They work to safeguard their clients and loved ones from attackers. These professionals have extensive experience in the line of duty and frequently visit high profile events throughout the city in order to provide security and protection for their attendees. Their primary job is to protect the life and limb of those in attendance at a gathering or event by providing rapid response to violent acts of attack. The line of duty also includes guarding those from choking, pepper spray use, and other self-defense measures.

Close Protection Services

While serving in this field, they receive extensive training in first aid techniques and how to deal with emergencies when an injury occurs. Some also receive extra instruction on how to physically fight back against an attacker should the need arise. Most importantly, they have access to highly confidential information that can help their clients escape any situation where their safety and personal well being may be threatened. Working in this specialized field allows London bodyguards to offer close protection to their clients, making it easier for them to provide the best possible security and protection.

Many people choose to hire the services of an elite group of professional bodyguards called “Lords of London” bodyguards. Located in the heart of the UK, these guards are stationed throughout London and serve as bodyguards for VIPs, businessmen, celebrities, and anyone else who require close protection services. In the past, these guards were stationed in bulletproof vests and drive cars armed with fully automatic weapons. Today, the technology has advanced to include hidden batons, Tasers, and other self defense tools which allow London bodyguards to provide effective close protection services without risking their lives. These individuals may also be asked to serve as bodyguards for other members of their family or entourage, or be asked to provide close protection for a group of people who frequent a particular area of London.

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