Combo Sump Pumps

combo sump pumps

There are many reasons to invest in a combo sump pump. For example, a sump pump can help prevent basement flooding by removing excess water, which can lead to serious damage to the home. These pumps are more expensive, but are worth the money, especially if you have a finished basement. Some of these pumps even offer full diagnostics through a smartphone app or web browser, which takes some of the guesswork out of the equation. More info

Before You Buy One, Do Some Research

A combination sump pump is pre-assembled from the manufacturer and includes a battery backup pump and primary pump. Both pumps have check valves already installed, which can save you time and money plumbing two pumps yourself. You just need to measure the diameter of your pit and the horse power of your primary pump. Then you can install the pump by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you do not want to spend the time plumbing two pumps yourself, a combo system is the best option for you.

Most modern homes can use a one-third horsepower combo sump pump with a one-quarter inch discharge. One-half horsepower pumps are also common for residential use, especially in areas with high water tables and unusual amounts of water intrusion. If you have a more serious situation, you may need a pump with a one-horsepower motor. These pumps are also energy-efficient, and some even have a four-year warranty.

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