How to Select Large Wheel Casters

Large wheel casters are used in numerous applications. They are ideal for retail environments, institutional settings, and industrial environments. Their large diameters provide better ground coverage and reduced load vibration. Smaller caster wheels can be used for lighter-duty tasks.

How does caster affect steering pull?

When selecting a caster, consider the type of material it is made of. This will affect durability and maintenance. Some of the best casters feature wheels that are attached to ball bearings.

The size of the large wheel casters also affects clearance. While wider wheels will cover more floor area, smaller wheels may be suitable for installation at the bottom of an object.

Wheels are also influenced by the material they are manufactured from. Casters that have rubber edges are better for absorbing shock and noise. However, their wear and tear will increase faster on hard surfaces.

Load ratings are another important consideration when purchasing a caster. Larger wheels can carry heavier loads and have lower rolling resistance. But these bigger wheels will require a higher initial push force.

If you are moving a heavy load, you may need more than one caster. Some have a total lock feature, which prevents the wheel from turning. You can also buy a central lock caster, which uses a rigid ring around the swivel caster. These casters are often used together.

A good way to decide which type of caster you should purchase is to learn more about their different uses. Many people use casters in office chairs, shopping carts, and hospital beds.

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