Romanian Workers in France

Romanian workers working in France have a number of legal obligations. For example, the French labor code requires employers to post their job vacancies on the internet. This means that they will have to search for qualified candidates on their own, and these jobs are not always advertised on the official websites of the employers. This is where recruitment agencies come in handy. While a large recruitment agency may have a lot of employees looking for jobs, the smaller ones can find the right candidate quickly.

How To Quit Romanian Workers In France

A new coronavirus found in the bodies of Romanian workers working in the Netherlands and Germany slaughterhouses highlighted the problem of seasonal EU workers. Many farmers in France use migrant Romanian labor to help harvest crops. The meat-processing industry relies heavily on Romanians, and the European Commission wants to reform the rules for “posted” workers. This type of worker can only be guaranteed a minimum wage in the host country, but must also pay taxes and social charges in their home country.

But the situation is getting more difficult for these workers. The new law will limit their postings to one year. The government also wants to limit the length of stay of the workers who have emigrated legally. They are seeking to protect their rights and their livelihoods. The French labor market is increasingly fragile and employers can’t afford to lose the services of skilled Romanians. However, the French government wants to curb this situation and make sure the EU-funded institutions can be relied upon for quality employees.

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