Why 5G Pitch Technology Is Becoming More Popular

5g pitches

The technology of synthetic football pitches has come a long way since the very first astroturf. There is a wide range of choices and different options available for clubs to use, but one type that is becoming more popular is the 5g pitch.

‘G’ stands for ‘Generation’ and the 5g pitches generation is all about making pitches even better by using new technology. Unlike the 2G and 1G artificial surfaces used for hockey and multi-use games areas, 3G pitches have a rubber or rubber crumb infill – this makes them more springy and helps with injury prevention.

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In addition, these pitches can handle weather a lot better than organic grass pitches and will be playable in most conditions. This can help with the amount of postponements clubs have to endure during the season.

Reduced risk of injuries – One of the biggest issues with many organic pitches is that they can get a little muddy after rain and it’s quite common for players to get injured on these surfaces. With the 3G surface, this isn’t a problem as it can easily cope with these conditions and the shock absorbing underlay makes it less likely that players will hurt themselves.

This is all very good news for fans and players but these pitches need to be well maintained and the use of a specialist maintenance contractor is essential. This includes power sweeping, decompaction of the infill and seam inspections. If these aren’t carried out regularly then it can lead to the pitch becoming heavily contaminated which will have a negative impact on the drainage and performance of the surface.

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